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The Psychiatric Society of Goa firmly believes that people with mental illness when adequately treated are capable of holding and working on responsible jobs; they can be sincere, honest and productive employees.

Objectives of the Psychiatric Society of Goa

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Dr Wenona Fernandes

Mental illness is often marked with stigma which remains a huge barrier to receiving help. Responsible members of public and organizations have a duty to ensure that persons suffering from mental illness are not prejudiced or marginalized.

Print and electronic media are powerful mediums which can positively influence public opinion and bring about a change in the way society treats mentally ill. Another important aspect being the sensitivity with which the deaths by suicide are depicted in the news items. One should not reveal the identity of the victim and sensationalise the unfortunate event; it is important that the aggrieved family members are not further traumatized.

The Psychiatric Society of Goa hence has decided to institute an annual award to acknowledge progressive and sensitive reporting in print and electronic media.

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Dissociation & Dissociative Disorders: An Overview, assessment & treatment 2nd December 2018

We strongly recommend meaningful occupational engagement as an essential part of the treatment and societal re-integration for people with mental illness.

Grace Bryant

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