Psychiatric Society of Goa


Mental health must be squarely placed in a human rights framework to re-cast the aspiration for sound mental health as a fundamental human right.
Ensuring access to mental health services must be an obligation and responsibility of state and global organizations.

~Nasser Loza
WFMH President

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Ravindra Agarwal


Dr. Wenona H Fernandes

Vice President

Dr. Akshada Amonkar


Dr. Gaurav Haldankar


Dr. Jaiprada Kanekar

Joint Secretary

Dr. Priyanka Sahasrabhojanee

EC Member

President's Note

The idea of forming an organisation of psychiatrists practising in Goa was conceived by Dr Sukerkar, Dr Pundalik Pai Kakode, Dr Bullivan Torcato, Dr Magno Pereira and Dr Rajendra Hegde in 1991. The organisation was formally registered as Psychiatric Society of Goa (GPS) in 2004.
Since its humble beginnings we have come a long way to have nearly 200 members. Our members comprise of practising private psychiatrists, psychiatrists in public health system, teaching faculties from the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and post graduate trainees. We also have psychologists as our allied members.
The Society’s focus areas are enhancing academic, clinical and research capacity of its members, promoting mental health, engaging service users and mental health advocacy.
We also function as the official state branch of the Indian Psychiatric Society and, despite our small size, have demonstrated great dynamism by way of holding regular and high quality CMEs, workshops and conferences.
Vision 2022-24:
Besides academics, our current aims will be implementing the Mental Health Care Act 2017 in the state , Suicide Prevention, Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use and quality research activities.
Dr. Ravindra Agrawal
M.B.B.S., D.P.M., M.R.C.PsychF.I.P.S.

Centre for Psychosocial Wellbeing

“Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have, so to speak, pawned a part of their narcissism. ”  – Sigmund Freud ———————————————————————————————

Upcoming Conference

Dissociation & Dissociative Disorders: An Overview, assessment & treatment 2nd December 2018

GPsyCON 2023

Women’s Mental Health

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Objectives of the Psychiatric Society of Goa

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